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Empowering body, mind and soul

An integrative approach towards healing: a journey that begins where you are and ends with a shift in your perspective about health. It is the integration of old thoughts and new, a self-exploration and resulting expansion of consciousness. It is the mind releasing responsibility and the soul awakening. It is in this state of balance, grounded in being, where our bodies begin to heal. 

Through acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong movement, lifestyle and nutrition counseling, I provide an integrative perspective of healing for those who are looking for holistic healthcare in a safe and inclusive space.

Why I Practice East Asian Integrative Healing

As a society deeply entrenched in a rhythm of forward movement, the potential rises for the mind to start moving at a rapid speed, while the body is left behind. The pressure of doing is tied with our cumulative success in a system that favors multitasking and getting ahead. This makes a perfect environment for expanding our minds and losing our body. It’s not that doing is bad or learning to just be is good. However, is it possible to have just the right amount of space and time for being, enough to challenge the mind to slow down and take in the moment?

With a background as a registered nurse and as someone that lives with chronic illness, I’ve learned about the life-saving strengths and long-term shortcomings of Western medicine. I’ve realized I need to find the balance between doing and being to begin to heal. Learning the perspective of East Asian medicine provided the space and the tools to do and be simultaneously. It showed me how to find the power of the body and its connection to the ability of the mind to heal. Through an integrative healing approach, the potential for holistic healing is amplified. The outcome is a deeper understanding of the extraordinary relationship between body, mind and soul.

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Welcoming new clients!

With my background as a registered nurse, I welcome those who are curious and interested in learning more about East Asian medicine, as well as those who may have an aversion to Western medicine. My passion is in bridging the gap of knowledge between the two, with the intention that perhaps, in the process, my clients gain a powerful sense of autonomy over their own healing journey.


Offering Individual and Community Style Healing

I find that both individual and community style settings offer a powerful healing experience. To learn more, please check out the tabs above. Also, please feel free to reach out through the contact page!


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